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There are limited opportunities and high barriers to entering the data sector market. That is not stopping institutional lenders and investors from trying to gain market share.
Times of dislocation have proven to be times of innovation for the founders of five commercial real estate platforms.
The New York-based mortgage real estate investment trust sees a dearth of financing for small- to medium-sized borrowers in the space.
The firm provided $100m of equity and preferred equity to the mixed-use project, a new-model deal in which each component includes minority- and women-led representation.
The New York-based banking giant has been working to actively reduce its balance-sheet exposure to the sector since the start of the year.
Skyline of Newark, New Jersey and its reflection on the water.
McRoberts’s retirement triggers three appointments to oversee the $45bn agency servicing portfolio.
Empty white chairs in a sand-colored medical office.
Bank sale mirrors similar moves by Capital One and Pacific Western Bank to add liquidity amid market stress.
Blend and extend is the latest iteration of the 'extend and pretend' strategy frequently seen in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis.
Skyline of Newark, New Jersey and its reflection on the water.
Lack of money center banks is creating more space for private credit lenders with multifamily, industrial and construction lending.

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